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Description Real life turns to art! This collaborative effort between Proctors, Northeast Ballet Company and students from three school classrooms captures the stories of talented Capital Region youth and transforms them into a spectacular full-scale production to be performed live at Proctors! The residency includes professionals from Proctor’s Education Team as well as professional dancers […]

Housebound for Thanksgiving, I am anxious to get out and cover some uncharted territory for this column.  Even though Times Journal columnist Patty Fagin had beat me to the punch, I head toward The Pioneer, a new eatery blessed with a Halloween opening in historic Esperance.  Proprietors Matt and Cheryl Brucker take obvious pride in […]

Thom O’Connor Marketing Communications, Inc. resigned the Landis Arboretum account in August, wherein principal Thom O’Connor served as executive director of Landis for the past three years, and worked to heighten the national profile of the Esperance-based public garden of trees, plants, and shrubs and its education programs. “When I received an invitation to join […]

Anyone within with the sphere of influence of this publication knows that a lot is happening at Proctors. Those who work here, in fact, check the electronic calendar each morning to understand why there may be dozens of people waiting in the lobby when we arrive. The already busy pace quickened when rumors of a […]

Following a particularly pleasant and productive day, I lingered at work, and then decided to take Route 7 for a leisurely “smell the new mown hay” drive instead of the usual I-88 rush. I turned off the AC, lowered the rear windows, and uploaded songbird Leslie Uggams’ “Uptown Downtown.” The show had just played at […]


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