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The Written Word

Thom has written extensively over his remarkable career.

Please see examples of Thom’s writing in the categories listed.

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From Where I Sit:

Thom’s Primary Blog including a weekly series from the Times Journal of Cobleskill, NY

Stories that Dance:

An overview of an artistic collaboration between Proctor’s Theater, Schenectady, NY and the Northeast Ballet Company

The Phenom of State Street:
Outlines the impact of Proctor’s Theater and CEO Philip Morris on the city of Schenectady.

New Heights, New Horizons:
Thom’s blog posts at the Daily Gazette.

Proctor’s On and Off Stage:
A behind-the-scenes look at the busy life of Proctor’s Theater.

Web Content for Kintz Plastics:
Since 2012,  Thom O’Connor has crafted content for Kintz Plastics, Inc.  of Howes Cave, NY, and for its newsletter, Kintz Commentary.


Connect with Thom

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