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As reported in this paper (Proctors movie festival to have gay theme), following months of planning, work is well under way for a cinematic celebration and recognition of diversity within New York State’s Capital Region and among Proctors fans, supporters and audiences. Leveraging the power of film to enrich, educate, enliven and entertain, a week-long […]

Last week, Anthony Commisso hit one out of the park and derailed my clockwork morning routine when his Facebook post caught my eye. In truth, I do not know Anthony Commisso — except through his posts. We have never met (although we may speak, at least by phone, before this is published). I do know […]

Like a tumbling leaf sucked into a sudden updraft from an autumn breeze, I am simultaneously exhilarated by my favorite season and confused by the variables that impact my journey. Perhaps I am, after all, a reincarnated latter-day member of the Abarimon race, distinguished by an ability to outrun adversity, despite congenital deformities that include […]

Recent street violence in downtown Schenectady reported by area media reinforced the fact that the barrel is always at the mercy of a few bad apples — and worse, when the affected fruit numbers more than a few. But from experience, I agree with the comments of those quoted in some of the reports: these […]

While waiting in my podiatrist’s office in Niskayuna, two people talk about a play they saw at Proctors: a musical ditty titled “Forever Plaid.” One of them eyes the Proctors insignia on my shirtsleeve. Had I seen the show, she asks. I smile in the affirmative. do not say that I have seen it 8 […]


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